Please read before you apply

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Please read before you apply

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:18 pm

We are looking to recruit members who play as part of a team.
A roll up the sleeves attitude and get on with it is a must.
Its a game and games are to be enjoyed and have fun but winning is the aim.
If you can't play or stay in your position then we are not a club for you.

You must be able to take a bit of playful banter in Teamspeak3 as well as give it out to, if you miss a sitter
You will get ribbed over it, but all in good faith.

One of our main in game FIFA rules is, if you are fouled and a freekick or penalty is awarded, the striker will take
Penalties, CAM or MF will take freekicks,  90% set play not shots.

We DO NOT want any wannabe messi's, Ronaldo's etc etc. We all like to show a bit of skill in a game,
Or the odd long shot, but team play wins games and team play is a must.

We are currently recruiting to get the team ready for Fifa 16 and aim to be in the top 10.
Our previous club was Veteran Gamers and we closed the club due to in squad politics, we floated between Div1 - Div 2  
for the 7 weeks we were running having won, Premier Cup, EA Cup and many Div titles.

We are on...Virtual Pro Arena, if you join you must register with site & our club. here we can arrange matches on our calendar

We try hard to make our club a fun club but with Competitiveness thrown in.

Preferably players would be available on a regular basis so a steady flow of games can be played.
We aim to give everyone a chance in their chosen position but some flexibility in positions must be expected.
If you are a ST/CAM you will not be placed into Defence.

Basic club rules......

1- Speak clear English
2- Working Mic
3- TS3 installed
4- Team player
5- Enjoy some banter
6- Versatile, to cover most positions when/if needed.
7- Age 25+ only
To apply, please use the template in the "Application template thread" DO NOT post here.
We are a fair play club & will not tolerate any Racist or Political abuse
Any member found acting in this way, will be removed without hesitation.



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